After 1o years of uploading (slow internet) it’s done! Yayy!
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As thank you to everyone, here’s a zip file containing over 6o antm16 gifs (all made by yours truly) that you can use for text posts or for you tumblr/ask questions. Most are happy/excited gifs because the girls are always excited (every time they get to meet the person who’s gonna take their photographs).

PS all the gif names are untitled-1, untitled-2, untitled-3 and so on.. because I don’t know how you guys sort your gifs. And I guarantee you, this isn’t a virus. :)

Ivan Bart: I think both of you would look a little bit modern with a new look.

Monique: Having a booty is kind of stressful.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 Winner - Brittani Kline

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 Winner: Molly or Brittani?

Hannah: (to Alexandria) Well, you’re like the California surfer girl, and Brittani I never thought I’d meet a girl from a trailer park. You break boundaries to where you come from and then Molly, she’s just kind of like.. scary. You don’t wanna piss that bitch off. I’m the girl next door.. BUT I WILL CUT YOU!